febbraio 21, 2018


Fatalamanga began it’s activity in New York in 1995 as a Music for Film production company founded by Zoran Balé Bulatovic. During it’s New York years (1993-2005), based in the heart of Times Square @ 135 E 42nd Street, in a shared space with the Theater Company Chashama, Fatalamanga adds to its activities live Theater productions collaborating with many artists around the world. During that period Balé has scored music for numerous independent Films: Dingle Barry, Falling, Mole, etc as well as toured and recorded with New York bands: I.C.U, Furniture, Collateral Damage, etc.


In the mid of 2005, due to pure strike of luck (or something higher), during his business trip to south of France to shoot a documentary film about Gypsies for U.S./Israeli Film co-production project, Balé meets actress Giulia Colucci on a train. Giulia was residing in Paris at the time where she performed with Les Inspirines Theater Company as well studying Kyogen a Japanesse form of comic theater. In September Balé decides to leave NYC for good, join Giulia and start something new. After a brief stay in Paris, they wondered around Florence and Toscana but after visiting Alberobello they decided to stay there. Having common interests and a strong desire to continue their previous activities they gave a birth to a new Fatalamanga.


The new Fatalamanga was officially registered in Bari in May of 2006. One of the first local artist to join Fatalamanga was Angelo Indolfi video maker who just returned from New York where he studied at New York Film Academy. Soon after, more followed and Fatalamanga became a place to meet like minded artists, to exchange ideas and develop new projects.

– Participation in ‘ Mai Nato Mai Morto, in dedica a Carmelo Bene’, Directed by: Nico Vigenti, Castello d’Otranto,


– Experience, Della Guerra e di Altri Demoni, Prod. PBP – Centro Sociale Pudicino,

Alberobello , Dicembre 2007


With the first show produced by Fatalamanga in 2008 “My Alter Ego went on holiday, I hope it will come back

In December 2008 Fatalamanga presents it’s second show ‘The First‘, a show that explores social logics, the theater of Fatalamanga becomes ‘DADA Theater’.


– Fatalamanga was lucky enough to get another outstanding talent from the region, Francesco ‘Idolo’ Lozito as it’s member who also joined the Board of Directors as a actor and a play writer.

– ‘The First’ was selected to represent Region of Puglia in a national Theater competition organized by MArte Live which was held in ALPHEUS in Rome.

– Giulia Colucci and Angelo Indolfi obtained funding through the regional program ‘Bolenti Spiriti‘ and founded a new association Fatalamanga 23.

Il Segreto della Signora in Bianco – The show based on history of Masseria Montedoro Ceglie Messapica

Cuori senza Airbag with support by Region Puglia in collaboration with l’Assessorato alle Pari Opportunità del

Comune di Alberobello, Produced by Fatalamanga

– Production of a short Film ‘L’isola delle Favole Perdute’ for primary School ‘Morea’ of Alberobello


Nel Segno di Pinter – This was the very first show in a renovated Fatalamanga Theater, 23 Dicembre 2010  Alberobello

– L’amore la morte il poeta , Theater performance, Written by: Vitantonio Lillo


Il Binario Della Cultura – The project realized in collaboration with ASSESSORATO ALLE INFRASTRUTTURE STRATEGICHE E MOBILITA’ DELLA REGIONE PUGLIA

– Hansel and Gretel, puppet theater show in collaboration with “Burattini al Chiaro di Luna”, Conversano


Except for the first edition of our workshop Katarsis, Theater and Nature we did nothing else because the end of the world was expected on December 21st ……. since the world didn’t end because of……. it took us much time to reemerge and make plans for the future again so we started collaboration on a three year project – The Living History in collaboration with five associations from five EU countries. the first meeting was held on October 10 in Bursa, Turkey.


– The Art of Teaching – first edition of our most popular course for ERASMUS+ PLUS

Midsummer Night’s Dream , Workshop at Fatalamanga

The True Trulli’s Truth Show, collaboration project between Fatalamanga23 and TECHNE Centro Artistico Educativo

– The Living History, we had three meetings for this project, in Poland, Latvia and Italy

– Bunga Bunga Party, Cabaret DADA performance at Fatalamanga Art Farm


– Il segreto del bosco magico, Theater show for children, in collaboration with Ackt Teatro from Bari

– The Living History, the last two meetings were held in Romania and Cyprus

– Katarsis, Theater and Nature, attended by teachers from Poland, read their review here


– The Art of Teaching, attended by teachers from Turkey, Latvia and Finland

– Trullantis, 17th of December, the first performance of our multimedia show and a Directorial debut by Don Bale da Fatalamanga


– The Art of Teaching, attended by teachers from Poland and Latvia

– Trullantis, 23rd of September, Trullo Sovrano, projection of a FILM version of our most famous story