Fatalamanga began it’s activity in New York in 1995 as a music production company founded by Zoran Balé Bulatovic, offering music production services. During it’s  New York years (1993-2005), based in the heart of Times Square @ 135 E 42nd Street , in a shared space with the theater company Chashama, Fatalamanga expands its activities and does live theater productions, collaborating with many artists around the world.

The programs of the Fatalamanga 23 are focused on the specific needs of the area, with global standards in mind.The Association seeks to cooperate with all possible associations in order to offer the opportunity to meet, discuss, perform and share experiences with those who have the same interests in the region, in Europe and the rest of the world. We already have close collaboration and personal contacts with associations in Italy, France, Serbia, Turkey, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Cyprus and USA.

In 2005, due to pure strike of luck (or something higher), during his business trip to the south of France to shoot a documentary film about Gypsies for a Film co-production U.S. / Israel, Balé meets ♥ actress Giulia Colucci, who was at the time residing in Paris, completing her theatrical training. After many trips between Europe and USA, Balé decides to leave NYC, join Giulia and start something new in Italy, in the beautiful region of Puglia.
Having common interests and a strong desire to continue their previous activities, Balé and Giulia gave birth to new Fatalamanga.

The new Fatalamanga was officially born in Alberobello in May of 2006. Soon after, it got a new member, Angelo Indolfi video maker, who just returned from New York where he studied at New York Film Academy.

With the first show produced by Fatalamanga in 2008 “My Alter Ego went on holiday, I hope it will come back” as multimedia-theater, the synergy of different art forms manages to offer ‘cathartic’ experience in denouncing most of contemporary world practices. A theater that manages to excite and offer food for thought, a theater that has the intensity of the rite able to create a flow of energy between actors and audience. Inspired by the idea of Antonin Artaud, “Theater of cruelty means a theater difficult and cruel for myself first of all. And, on the level of performance, it is not the cruelty we can exercise upon each other by hacking at each other’s bodies, carving up our personal anatomies, or, like Assyrian emperors, sending parcels of human ears, noses, or neatly detached nostrils through the mail, but the much more terrible and necessary cruelty which things can exercise against us. We are not free. And the sky can still fall on our heads. And the theater has been created to teach us that first of all.”
In December 2008 Fatalamanga presents it’s second show ‘The First‘ , a show that explores social logics, the theater of Fatalamanga becomes ‘DADA Theater’.

In 2009 Fatalamanga was lucky enough to get another outstanding talent from the region, Francesco ‘Idolo’ Lozito as it’s member who joined the Board of Directors as actor and playwright.
In 2009 ‘The First’ was selected to represent Regin of Puglia in national competition MArte Live in Theatre in Rome.
In early 2009, Julia Colucci and Angelo Indolfi obtained funding through the regional program ‘Bolenti Spiriti‘ and founded a new association Fatalamanga 23.
The goal of this association is to contribute to the artistic development of young people in the region and its communities. New technologies offer the opportunity to receive and exchange informations about all the trends of modern society, without necessity of being physically present in the main centers of culture.

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