Art Farm Fatalamanga 23

Art Farm – Fatalamanga Art Farm a unique place situated near UNESCO village of Alberobello in Puglia, Italy. Surrounded by 50 hectares of woods and fields where you can encounter horses, donkeys, cows and some Artists too. In 2009 the farm was partly restored and put in use by Fatalamanga members. It consists of Theater space, Recording Studio, Painting Room, couple of guest rooms and plenty of outdoor spaces adequate for all kinds of activities. All of that makes Fatalamanga Art Farm very vibrant and inspiring place suitable for all kinds of artistic projects as well as a place where you can just relax and enjoy surroundings.

The Past

The real origins of the farm are a bit mysterious. Some say that it was build on the remains of an ancient church probably by Knights of Malta, which explains the presence of  Maltese Cross on the front tower of the farm house. The official address of Fatalamanga Art Farm is ‘Contrada Chiesa 1’, which translates as ‘District of Church’, this fact also supports that idea. Sculptures, vases and similar objects of unknown origins are present in and around the farm. The house and a farm was barely used for almost 30 years so, putting it in a livable condition was a big task for two artists with a small child but slowly, we did it. In 2009 Fatalamanga wrote a wining project for a regional grant “Bollenti Spiriti” which gave us a good jump start. The first task was to transform old barn into Theater space with adequate infrastructure. The other spaces were adapted one by one but the restoration is an ongoing process as there’s always room for improvement.

The Future

As a matter of fact, 2018 will be the year in which major renovation will take place which will be a giant step forward. When renovation is done, Fatalamanga will be capable of guesting more people and offering more content. It will be a place where professional Artists of all kinds as well as ‘Art Enthusiasts’ will have a place to stay and work. By ‘Art Enthusiasts’ we mean, people who are or have always been attracted to Arts but have never had opportunity to really explore it. Young, middle age and even retired professionals from all walks of life, ready to dedicate time and get their hands on any form of art are welcome. If you want to come for a week or two, have a quiet place, bring your colors, stay in a woods and paint horses….. you’re welcome. If you want to write a book, theater play, screenplay, compose music, practice your musical instrument outside in the open, at 3 AM….. Fatalamanga is the place to come to.

Details will be published as soon as the place get’s ready to welcome guests