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Erasmus PlusThe European Commission has launched the new programme for Education,Training and Youth starting in January 2014, the programme rules should remain the same until 2020. Erasmus Plus replaces the Lifelong Learning Programme and also its actions Comenius and Grundtvig. The official page of new programme  is

Fatalamanga has two different courses specially tailored for action K1 training and mobility of teachers. The Art of teaching and Katarsis, Theater and Nature. Both courses have a strong focus on Art, Music and Theater as a principal approach to teaching children of all ages.

Mobility for teachers is a chance to learn something new and incorporate more approaches to everyday teaching.


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Important notice: All of Fatalamanga KA1 courses for teachers have a flexible structure, meaning that we can work with you to incorporate different subjects into our program. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Objectives of our KA1 courses for Teachers

The main objective of our courses is to awake creative-artistic forces in teachers and make them inseparable part of their teaching methodology, to broaden teachers perspective of possible teaching methods and give them confidence in doing so.This will help teachers find their ‘own voice’ and ways of approaching difficult groups such as adults, disabled, social minorities, etc…

Teachers are conductors and the class is their orchestra. All students play different instruments A teacher’s job is to develop skills and make these instruments come to life as a coherent whole to make Music !!!

Why are KA1 courses for teachers by Fatalamanga different ?

The most of courses for teachers offered by other organizations are focused on some theoretical subject, executed in a classroom type situation and held by teachers who are coming from the same background as most of participants (teachers) come from. Fatalamanga’s approach is coming from the very opposite direction. Imagine if some ‘difficult’ and ‘unapproachable’ student came up with the ‘method’ that makes him engaged, interested and excited to come to school ! Don’t you want to see-hear what is it ? Yes, we at Fatalamanga do have a conference room too, BUT, our is situated in a Theater 🙂 To spread a joy, one trying to do so needs to be joyful first.

What we want to achieve by our courses ?

The common goal of our KA1 courses for teachers besides those described under objectives is to give teachers opportunity to self exam their entire approach to teaching. Once positioned in a right place, the place from which their students look at them it becomes clear and obvious how subjective, encouraging,  and, can we say ‘good’ they are in the classroom. The process is not an easy one but is worth going thru by anyone who is dedicated to teaching.

What is the goal of our courses ?

The educational system needs radical change, period. It needs insiders (you the teachers) capable of examining the existing one, capable of finding the new one and carrying on that necessary change. Does it sound scary ? Maybe, because it is a big task and somebody needs to do it. Where are you in all that ? Do you want to stick with the old system or you are ready to take a step into finding the new one ? If you are ready, let’s start with ‘cleaning our own backyard’, ourselves. Fatalamanga is here to help in doing just that and we are expecting you.

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