Midsummer Night’s Dream 

Midsummer Night’s Dream – The goal of this workshop is to substitute the text of Shakespeare’s poem with the body movements and voice expressions. Using Shakespeare’s famous Midsummer Night’s Dream poem as a framework, we will focus on a body and voice expressions to try to achieve authentic interpretation of Shakespeare’s poetry. Central focus for this workshop will be the dream and love conflict referencing 6 lovers of this famous comedy. The participants will stay at Fatalamanga Art Farm during this workshop because training will take place in odd places at odd hours (not only) so the presence of participants 24/7 is required. Having participants at teachers disposal 24/7 offers unique opportunity for teachers to deeply affect the very approach to acting of young participants. This is not a workshop for those who are just beginning their voyage into the world of theater, we have other courses for you, please ask us for the scheadule of upcoming courses for beginners.

Meals will be provided to participants during the workshop.

The final performance will be staged at “Fatalamanga Garden” on 14th July,  2014, entrance is free, bring your food and drinks, everybody is welcome !!!

When subscribing please don’t forget to mention any specific needs you might have during the workshop at Fatalamanga Art Farm.

Fatalamanga Workshop for local young actors

Teachers: Massimo Zaccaria, Silvia Mastrangelo and Giulia Costanza Colucci