Music Fatalamanga 23

Music – I started playing music at the age of 12 and since then I have recorded, toured and contributed music to numerous CD’s, Film and Theater productions in the USA, Italy, France, Austria, Serbia… Here I’ll try to present as much of it as I can because the most of my work was never officially released. My works are very diverse, from Surf Rock to Classical compositions, Acoustic music to Goth Rock and beyond.

About Scoring for Theater

I can say that ‘I was born in a Theater’.What I mean by that ? Well, my mother was an actress in “Serbian National Theater” whole her life. Ever since I remember myself  I remember being present at my mom’s rehearsals. I really enjoyed it and of course I learned allot. How and why one scene work and why other one doesn’t ? What is the role of music in Theater, how to use it (and not abuse it). Many of those rules feel natural to me because they were ‘implanted’ in me at a very early age, me not even being aware of it.

About Film Scoring

Music and sound add tremendous depth to moving images. When a score is well thought out and coherent, it emphasizes the content of the picture and permits the storytelling process to become profoundly more personal and memorable. The music of a picture may often produce an experience that is outside the mind by revealing accords between internal and external realities.

If you are an experienced Filmmaker, you know what I am referring to, and if you are an up and coming one, let me show you what I mean.