febbraio 21, 2018


Projects – The projects of the Fatalamanga are focused on specific needs of our area Alberobello – Puglia with global standards in mind. We are trying to elevate perception of importance of Arts in general and increase Art related activities. Besides doing that we seek to cooperate with all kinds of organizations who’s activities revolve around arts and culture, those with interests in active implementation of arts and culture in everyday life of average citizen. We have close personal contacts and collaboration ties with associations from Italy, France, Serbia, Turkey, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Cyprus and USA.

– EU Partnership Projects:

These Projects are done as collaboration between Fatalamanga and other associations on a European level:

About Living History

A three year project (2013-2015) involving six associations

Erasmus Plus – The Art of Teaching

Our most popular course for Teachers done under KA1 programe for ERASMUS+ PLUS

Katarsis, Theater and Nature

Our course that goes a bit deeper into the subjects explored under The Art of Teaching

– Regional Projects: 

Some of the Projects realized on a regional level

Il Binario della Cultura

A project focused on promotion of Slow Travel in the region of Puglia. We have occupied 4 closed train stations and made Theater Shows for each one using local historical figures. Our choice was focused on less known personalities, those of a bit shady background. 

— Bollenti Spiriti

A first big project we won upon our arrival to Puglia. This project gave us a possibility to fix our space and start more activities. 

– Local Activities:

Fatalamanga activities on a local level

— Latest

— Theater in – for the Schools

— Museo del Territorio

— Indiana Park

— For Children

— Street Performances