Italy Meeting, 20-24 Jun 2014

Italy Meeting, 20-24 Jun 2014 – The Second meeting for the project Living History”  took place in the town of Alberobello in southern Italy.  All associations involved in the project were present. As agreed at the first meeting in Bursa, Turkey, this meeting, as all following meetings will be, lasted a day longer. Fatalamanga23 was the hosts for 21 participant;

Program :

Jun 20th

The day of arrival

Jun 21st

10:15 We will meet in Hotel Lobby for briefing and little tour of Alberobello.
11:30  Welcome meeting in Commune of Alberobello with presentation of history of Alberobello by Professor Angelo Martellota
13:00 Lunch at Hotel Lanzillotta
14:00 After the lunch we will have question-answer session where we will discuss all subjects concerning this mobility.
15:30 Visit of the monumental ‘ Trullo Sovrano’, the most advanced example of a trullo on two floors.

17.00 : visit the ancient Church of Barsento  with Paolo Vinella president of the Assosation ” Isola che non c’e”,  who accompanied us on a fascinating journey to the knowledge of the ancient plants and medicinal herbs, often forgotten, which are the roots of culture and traditions of our territory.
20:00 Dinner at Hotel Lanzillotta

Jun 22nd

8:15 Meeting at the Hotel lobby.
8:45 We will take the Buss and head towards Conversano
9:30 Guided tour of Convesano
11:30 Going to Polignano (15 Km) were we will have another tour of the city.
13:00 Lunch at the Restaurant “Al Buco Preferito”
15:00 Leaving Polignano and heading towards Putignano
15:30 Visiting the caves of Putignano
16:15 Walking thru historical center of Putignano and arrival at the San Giovanni Medieval Festival. Meeting with the Festival organizers and participation in festival activities. Return to Hotel is planned for 23:30

Jun 23rd

10:30 We will take the Buss and visit the “Agriturismo Perrini”
13:00 We will move to Fatalamanga ART Farm the main space of our Association(only 1Km away) where we will have lunch.
15:00 We will have a discussion on everything concerning this mobility as well as upcoming ones. We will fix all the payments and paperwork.
17:00 Performance by Patrizia Locaputo “L’ALBERO DELLE STORIE” about symbols and archetypes in European roots.
18:00 We will present you with Certificates of Attendance
20:00 Dinner at the Hotel Lanzillotta

Jun 24th
The day of Departure


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