febbraio 21, 2018


Theater was always in the core of all Fatalamanga activities. Theater has integral part of courses we provide for Erasmus Plus. We are providing Theater classes for children and adults and finally we do make a full production of Theater Shows. Often our shows are best described as ‘multimedia-theater’. That synergy of different art forms, correctly used, manages to offer ‘cathartic’ experience for contemporary spectator accustomed to multi media life style. A theater that manages to excite and offer food for thought, a theater that has the intensity of the rite able to create a flow of energy between actors and audience. This idea is greatly inspired by the message of Antonin Artaud,“Theater of cruelty means a theater difficult and cruel for myself first of all. And, on the level of performance, it is not the cruelty we can exercise upon each other by hacking at each other’s bodies, carving up our personal anatomies, or, like Assyrian emperors, sending parcels of human ears, noses, or neatly detached nostrils through the mail, but the much more terrible and necessary cruelty which things can exercise against us. We are not free. And the sky can still fall on our heads. And the theater has been created to teach us that first of all”. This kind of work and especially progress in a small community like ours with a kind of self imposed standards that we have, often feels like a ‘mission impossible’ but, by now we are used to it. As in many if not all small communities, doing ‘art’ is assimilated with voluntary gathering of friends and neighbors with aim to spent some ’quality time’ and not like a full time occupation. To change peoples perspective takes time but we are seeing a great progress in that regard since the days we first arrived. Unfortunately we still cannot dedicate our full attention to Theater productions because such possibility simply still doesn’t exist in Alberobello. Good news is that all this may change with the new multiplex auditorium space that is being build in the heart of Alberobello which should be fully functional by the end of 2018. Since our decision to establish Fatalamanga in Alberobello after successfully living as a full time artist in New York, Paris, Florence was not based on a fact that Alberobello was offering any opportunities of continuation, looking at the recent developments, things may change, for the better. We are certain that we are not the only ones with similar background having made similar decision, to leave a big city and start fresh in a rural place. We are constantly connecting with ‘like Fatalamanga’ communities around Europe trying to establish a circle of friends to exchange experiences, work practices and hopefully work a projects. Accomplishing that and having a circle of ‘Art Farms’ around EU and the world would be a big payoff to this ‘mission impossible’. If you like what you just read and you are like us, send us a note.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]