Cuori senza Airbag was writen by: Patrizia Palmisano

Starring: Giuseppe Palasciano, Monica Nista, Marica Giliberti, Nicola Perrini, Simone Girolamo, Francesco Pantaleo, Nancy Rinaldi, Ivana Galiani, Francesco Palmisano, Mina Bulatovic, Mariangela Micoli

Directed by: Giulia Costanza Colucci
Music: Zoran Balée Bulatovic with live performance of Pasquangela Bagnardi on Piano

Cuori senza Airbag Meeting famous personages, like Ophelia and Lolita, melting with some fictitious ones, the show explores the very ability to love when trying to eliminate destructive part of love with the protection of a metaphorical airbag.

From production point of view Cuori Ssenza Airbag is a certainly Fatalamanga’s most ambitious project so far. Making a show with a large number of amateurs who’s free time is limited is always a tough experience. On the other hand it gives such a joy to participants and all that they experience during the preparations and during the show is certainly something that can’t get anywhere else and will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Album Fatalamanga 23