Il mio Alter Ego è andato in vacanza, spero ritorni was writen by: Patrizia Palmisano

Starring: Giuseppe Palasciano, Monica Nista, Simone Girolamo, Francesco Pantaleo, Daniele Loreto, Michelangelo Mastrosimini, Nancy Rinaldi, Ivana Galiani, Francesco Palmisano

Il mio Alter Ego è andato in vacanza, spero ritorni What if one day your alter ego decides to take a vacation ? A very surreal and ironic show that touches many icons of Italian and not just Italian cinema and literature. Bizarre scenes with twisted and unexpected outcomes is the basic structure of this show. Many seemingly unrelated stories all connected in a web of the ego-alter ego self exploration and those ‘moments of truth’ situations interrupted by Tango dancers. If that’s not enough, let us mention a trip to Cuba attended by two faithful wives turn lesbians and a gorgeous Surf Rock music…sorry, we will not disclose all the details (you wouldn’t read it anyways 🙂 you have to see it. This show includes many local aspiring actors who are really doing most amazing job transforming themselves into required characters (even a very difficult one’s) and bridging many points of imposed limitations by a small community.

Directed by: Giulia Costanza Colucci
Music: Zoran Balé Bulatovic

Album Fatalamanga 23