Il Segreto della Signora in Bianco (The secret of the Lady in White) was writen by: Giulia Costanza Colucci

Starring: Paola Girolamo, Simone Girolami, Maria Lippolis, Giulia Colucci, Carmelo Sumerano, Zoran Balé Bulatovic, Angela Casulli.

Directed by: Giulia Costanza Music and Sound design: Zoran Balé Bulatovic

Voice: Nonna Marta

Il Segreto della Signora in Bianco Inspired by an historical figure, Sir Richard Church (Cork, 1784 – Athens, 1873) the show takes the public back to the nineteenth-century atmosphere of an ancient manor farm. Starting from the Sir Church’s figure, the developing plot joins tradition and mystery. ‘Il segreto della Signora in bianco’ is represented in an historical manor farm during a dinner full of ancient flavors; the public gets involved in something like a role-play with the task to find the solution for a murder. White, the light that illuminates the night, the long streets, the fields, the houses; during this night, everything turns white. The moonlight is magic and wicked, it reveals what is true, and what is true will make you mad.

What is important and beautiful about this show is that all of the characters were inspired by a real people who at some point lived in a Masseria Montedoro where the show was held. It was intense and spooky experience.

The idea was to reveal some of the mysteries hidden between the walls of the old farm and encourage the owner to give us possibility to explore more …………. instead he decided to make a Zoo……… we don’t know if he accomplished his dream.

Anyways we enjoyed immensely working on that show.

Album Fatalamanga 23