The First was written by: Fatalamanga

Starring: Mina Bulatovic, Giulia Colucci, Zoran Bale Bulatovic (Antonella Ivone, Simone Girolamo, Michelangelo Mastrosimini, Francesco Lozito, Valentina Perta)

The First explores contemporary social logic. On stage, two characters: first ‘Dupe’ symbolizes the primeval human being, the child clown, the unique uncorrupted being described by Antonin Artaud as ‘Flames of a continuously lit phosphorus’ and the second ‘God TV’ her antagonist, the elite’s power tool the leading ‘being’ of this metaphorical dialogue which ends up with the erasure of one of the two antipodes. We are touching on Fascism, Modern State Leaders and how those in power use TV and other modern communication tools to manipulate the reality for  the rest of us. The atmosphere of the show is surreal, with ‘circus-cabaret’ scenes,  including ‘genetically modified’ musicians performing live.

The First’ was selected to represent Region of Puglia in a national Theater competition organized by MArte Live which was held in ALPHEUS Theater in Rome (since then closed).

At the national competition Fatalamanga ended up being the last…. 🙂 Were we surprised ? Not at all. Here’s what we have said at the time:

Our theater show “The First”, originally created in December of 2008 as a ‘street show’ for the event “A Tavola come una volta” in  Alberobello, had a chance to compete in Italian National competition organized by  with other shows. Well, we lost it and ended up being THE LAST on the list of 9 competitors. Is this a good sign !!! Let’s see. Our show is all about the New World Order and the domination of a invisible ruling elite over us, common people. ‘The first”, not being an ‘ordinary theater show’ since it uses a TV as a main character with whom Giulia (primordial human being) has a conversation and engages in many  bizarre situations. It attacks all and everybody. It tries to open peoples eyes to the truth of ‘who really runs the world’. It exposes Bilderberg group, CFR, Elite’s real agenda and many other things. To be honest, we weren’t at our best that night, but seeing some of the other competitors ……… we certainly weren’t ‘The Worst’. That said, make us believe that the people in the jury were ether totally confused about the message, or they are all supporters of the elite, or maybe even NWO supporters 🙂 Anyways, we know that our show’s message is important one and we will definitely continue to spread it.