Trullantis Fatalamanga 23

Trullantis (Trully+Atlantis) is the first Science Fiction story about Alberobello. Born out of frustration after many years of being put into constrains of doing something ‘traditional’ and ‘historical’ in a very narrow sense, we decided to get loose and create something totally opposite and the result is Trullantis. The fact is that no-one can prove anything about the real origins of  Trully’s, a typical houses that made Alberobello UNESCO heritage and a destination for millions of tourists, gave us a perfect ground for exploration. First we checked all existing documents on the subject, then we consulted local historians, spoke with old people who often had a different recollection from those found in written documents and after all that research, totally unexpected and to our surprise we actually found ‘real history of origins of the Trulliy’s’. The discovery was such a shock for us that we kept it secret for some time. It lead to many more directions and opened many previously closed doors and forced us to reexamine everything that we thought we knew about pretty much everything…. yes, it’s that deep.. At some point the burden of discovery became too heavy and we decided to share it with the world. But how ? We put it under the Science Fiction category to avoid people calling us crazy (it’s not that we are afraid of being called that, not at all, the real reason is more practical, if we have insisted that ‘our story is the Truth’ we will never have a chance of finding necessary sponsors to work on Trullantis saga).

In it’s current form it is a Film as well as a Theater Show. Both are made in a very entertaining form because it will be showed-performed at the village fairs to the audiences more concerned about the quality and quantity of sausages served at the event then about the story we are presenting.

Furthermore, the story of Trullantis is intentionally presented in a small steps, often with unpredictable outcome and endless possibility to keep it alive by provoking curiosity. That way, only the patient and dedicated ones will eventually discover ‘the real truth about Alberobello Trully’s, and the others, the others will remain ignorant but well entertained (which is no different to what they are used to and what they always expect from ‘Arts and Culture’.

As such, Trullantis will have a new episode every year. Video teasers will be widely published in between episodes to keep the audiences intrigued and connected.

Now, having in mind that year after year the only ‘Cultural Events’ offered to the visitors of Alberobello are occasional ‘dressed up’ presentations of  ‘once upon a time’ type of shows done by amateur groups (the only good example of this kind of shows is Notte die Briganti annually held in last week of August produced by Silva Tours…) Trullantis offers for the very first time something different. In our honest opinion, this kind of a ‘show’ goes above categories such as Film or Theater show. It educates, entertains and opens the whole new chapter in perspective on Alberobello, it’s origins, mysteries (magical symbols) and by doing that, offers the answers to the problems that local community faces at present. But, let’s not keep it local…….The answers Trullantis offers are Global and as such it should be experienced and followed by everyone, coming from any point of the globe.

Stay Tooned

TRULLANTIS is a show in developement, this is just the first step in making the first ‘Science Fiction’ story about Alberobello, made by people living in Alberobello.  It will have a new ‘episode’ every year, with the video teasers published inbetween, to keep the audience ‘warm’ and curious. Technical part; The big video screen is used durring the show for screening videos, the same screen will be used to projec subtitles in many languiges. We will conntact all relevat organizations in a Tourism sector to present TRULLANTIS and seak collaboration in organizing shows for the tourists visiting Alberobello beginning the summer 2017. We are looking for adequate space and the sponsors to make TRULLANTIS what it deserves to be, a one more thing why visitors loved their staying in Alberobello, something that they will tell tsp o their friends and a additional reason to come back again. If you wish to be a part of this iniciative in any way or be a sponsor please give us a call, Giulia 339 1177482. Thank You for watching Associazione Culturale Fatalamanga23.